Assignment: Hyperactivity Disorder Paper

Assignment: Hyperactivity Disorder Paper
Assignment: Hyperactivity Disorder Paper
In my second decision, I opted to switch to Ritalin LA at 20 gm daily, which should also be administered in the morning. This is the recommended daily dosage, although patients can begin treatment with only 10 mg daily (, 2019). When the patient returned after four weeks, she was reported to have improved in academic performance. The funny feeling had disappeared, and the pulse rate had dropped to 92 beats in a minute.
Consequently, my third decision was to maintain the current dose of Ritalin LA at 20 gm daily, which would be reevaluated after four weeks and dealing with any side effect. This is after ensuring that the patient’s symptoms have been contained, and no side effects were reported after four weeks (Laureate Education, 2019). At this level, the prescribing nurse should not think of increasing the dosage to avoid more side effects.
Impact of the Medication to the Patient’s Pathophysiology
My recommended  will enable the patient to regain her attentiveness and communicate effectively with family members, as well as her teachers. Her performance in school will improve while the pulse rate would be maintained at the appropriate level. However, uncertainties concerning therapies, as well as the balance between benefits accrued from medicines, costs of medicines, and potential harm, should be catered for before starting treatment (Catala-Lopez et al., 2017). The rule of using stimulant medications is to utilize the lowest effective dose to avoid drug misuse.
Understanding the most appropriate treatment options will facilitate in making the right treatment plans for the patient, which can be replicated in the future. Clinical expertise is necessary in such cases to identify the right dosage should offer optimal clinical effects with minimized side effects, rather than having to try various doses to determine the right one (Frolich et al., 2014). If the patient does not show any improvement after taking Ritalin LA after the four-week period, the most appropriate thing would be to stop using the drug, rather than increasing the dosage.
Catala-Lopez, F., Hutton, B., Nunez-Beltran, A., Page, M. J., Ridao, M., Saint-Gerons, D. M., … & Moher, D. (2017). The pharmacological and non-pharmacological treatment of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in children and adolescents: a systematic review with network meta-analyses of randomised trials. PloS one, 12(7), e0180355. (2018, Jan. 31). Ritalin LA dosage. Retrieved from
Frolich, J., Banaschewski, T., Döpfner, M., & Görtz-Dorten, A. (2014). An evaluation of the pharmacokinetics of methylphenidate for the treatment of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder. Expert opinion on drug metabolism & toxicology, 10(8), 1169-1183.
Laureate Education (Producer). (2019). Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder [Interactive Media]. Baltimore, MD: Author
Bottom of Form
You must proofread your paper. But do not strictly rely on your computer’s spell-checker and grammar-checker; failure to do so indicates a lack of effort on your part and you can expect your grade to suffer accordingly. Papers with numerous misspelled words and grammatical mistakes will be penalized. Read over your paper – in silence and then aloud – before handing it in and make corrections as necessary. Often it is advantageous to have a friend proofread your paper for obvious errors. Handwritten corrections are preferable to uncorrected mistakes.
Use a standard 10 to 12 point (10 to 12 characters per inch) typeface. Smaller or compressed type and papers with small margins or single-spacing are hard to read. It is better to let your essay run over the recommended number of pages than to try to compress it into fewer pages.
Likewise, large type, large margins, large indentations, triple-spacing, increased leading (space between lines), increased kerning (space between letters), and any other such attempts at “padding” to increase the length of a paper are unacceptable, wasteful of trees, and will not fool your professor.
The paper must be neatly formatted, double-spaced with a one-inch margin on the top, bottom, and sides of each page. When submitting hard copy, be sure to use white paper and print out using dark ink. If it is hard to read your essay, it will also be hard to follow your argument.
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