Other people have discussed lab creation theories following a scientific report published on bioRxiv on January 31, 2020, said there was evidence that the protein sequence of coronavirus was strikingly similar to HIV.

Numerous scientists pointed out problems in the analysis, pointing out that the COVID-19 sequence (a form of coronavirus that is currently spreading) contains incredibly short sequences. They are compatible with other organisms, and hence there is no reason to believe they come from HIV. After two days, the authors pulled it, stating that they did not wish to fuel conspiracy ideas. Numerous websites and newspapers have continued to disseminate the hypothesis in the aftermath of bioRxiv’s removal of the scholarly study.

Kristian Anderson, director of infectious disease genomics at Scripps Research Translation Institute, is several viral genomes scientists who deny coronavirus’s artificial origin. He asserts that the HIV study is a misinterpretation of the analysis’s performance. According to Andersen, the small proteins shown to be comparable to HIV by Indian scientists are a result of Coronaviruses’ natural evolution. He implies that the authors of the scientific paper tying Coronaviruses to HIV got it wrong.

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Anderson asserts that had they compared the new coronavirus to closely related bat viruses rather than only SARS, they would have discovered the presence of peptides in bat viruses. The peptides are not produced by HIV.

According to some Facebook users, HIV medication can be used to treat coronavirus, implying a relationship. According to a virologist at the University of North Carolina, there are few licensed antiviral medications, and doctors can test them on patients during the emergence of a new virus to determine if they are effective. He continues, “Many antiviral drugs are also HIV meds, and physicians will naturally prescribe them.” There is no evidence, however, that coronavirus is more susceptible to HIV medications than other viruses.

Even in a surprise report published by the South China University of Technology, a widespread thought exists that the Wuhan Center for Disease Control could be the source of infection in Wuhan and Hubei Province. According to the findings, the genome sequences of coronavirus patients were 89 to 90% identical to those of the Bat Bat CoV ZC45 coronavirus. It is a species of indigenous bat found 600 miles from Wuhan, and it is quite improbable that they flew there.

There is an agreement in the evidence regarding the virus’s origin in animals. According to virologist Timothy Sheahan, it relates to the lessons scientists have learned over the last two decades, including the fact that all viruses, including SARS, share 96 percent of their DNA with bat virus. The genetic evidence supports the scientific assertion that viruses, including coronavirus, originate in a bat reservoir, not a laboratory. According to Fred Hutchinson, a computational biologist, the genetic variations between COVID-19 and its recent relatives are consistent with expected alterations during natural evolution. He indicated in a Twitter post that a manufactured virus would almost certainly have a distorted amino acid and nucleotide ratio, as well as alterations that targeted a specific genetic population. Bioengineering would have resulted in considerable modification of a virus, but there is no indication that this occurred in 2019-to-genome.

The latest Coronaviruses have few nucleotide changes, roughly 14%, which is consistent with the expected evolution of a virus. The ratio closely resembles that of the bat virus in the period between 2019 and today. Despite allegations of lab-created coronavirus, scientists argue against the hypothesis, citing a lack of major modifications in 2019-nCoV genes.

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