Concept Map & Care Priority Identification/ Discussion college paper writing services

Concept Map & Care Priority Identification/ Discussion college paper writing services

Description: Assignment Task 1 is in two parts:
Part A – Concept Map
Part B Care Priority Identification/Discussion.
Concept Map: This component of the assessment requires the team to develop a concept map identifying and prioritising the health issues across the domains of health for the person in the provided scenario.
Care Priority Identification/ Discussion – This component of the assessment is a team discussion paper that identifies and justifies and provides evidence for the identified priorities of care identified in the concept map.
Please note: For this assessment task, students must use Miller’s Functional Consequences Theory of Healthy Ageing as a theoretical framework.
Please refer to the Unit LEO site for further information related to team structure, function and documentation
Due date: Week 4 6.00pm Sunday 22/03/2015
Weighting: 20%
Length and/or format: 500 words
• Part A: Concept Map: (200 word equivalence)
• Part B: Care Priorities Identification/Discussion: (300 words excluding reference list)
Purpose: The purpose of this assessment is to undertake the analysis of a provided case scenario, identifying the primary and secondary care priorities within the scenario. The use of a concept map will facilitate the identification of health issues and the development of care planning based on the provided scenario information. The care priorities component provides opportunity to identify the nursing care priorities (including rationales) for the patient. The provision of a body of evidence to support care priorities is an integral component of the assessment.
Learning outcomes assessed: 2, 3, 7, 8, 10
How to submit: Submission of assignments via drop box on the LEO site only.
The Concept Map is to be submitted as an image or in PDF format in the Concept Map Assessment One DropBox on the NRSG 259 LEO site.
The Care Priority Identification Discussion is to be submitted as a PDF or Word document in the Care Priority Discussion Assessment One Dropbox on the NRSG 259 LEO Site.
Assessments may not be submitted by email.
Return of assessment: Students will be notified via LEO when assignments have been marked

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