Describe at least three networking strategies you will employ in your career.

What are your immediate, midrange, and long-term career goals?
Include a timeline with your description: this can be in the form of a table, chart, or other type of graphic representation.
Include a discussion of how you plan to reach each of these goals.
Plans for effective networking strategies:
Describe at least three networking strategies you will employ in your career.
Create a list of at least three individuals you plan to contact to start the networking process — list job titles of these individuals.
Plans for mentoring strategies:
Who will you choose as a mentor and why?
Who can you mentor now that you are a BSN?
Discuss how you can create your own personal brand.
How will you market yourself to advance your career?
What attributes will you highlight about yourself in your personal branding?
Discuss how you can use this marketing to advance your career.
Part 2: Professional Career Philosophy
In this portion of the assessment, you will be writing your Professional Career Philosophy Statement. This is a 1- to 2-page statement in which you will describe how you plan to use your newly earned BSN to reflect the necessary ethical and professional values of the BSN-prepared RN. This should be written as a first-person statement describing how you are committed to these ethics/values and how you will reflect this commitment within your future practice. You must use 2–3 supporting resources. Consider addressing items such as:
Empathy and Caring
Critical Thinking
Four Basic Ethical Principles
Autonomy, Beneficence, Nonmaleficence, and Justice
Truthfulness and Confidentiality
Dependability and Responsibility
Honesty and Integrity

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