Describe the focus of this particular assessment on the patient complaining of a cough.

For this 4-5 page assignment, you will conduct a focused health history and physical assessment based upon your Practice Experience work in Shadow Health. Particularly, you will complete a focused assessment on Danny, a child who is complaining of a cough. Please submit your summary documentation in MS Word. Use the submission parameters and rubric below to guide you in the completion of this written assignment.
Submission Parameters:
For this written assignment, please use the following guidelines and criteria. Also, please refer to the rubric for point allocation and assignment expectations. The expected length of the paper is approximately 4-5 pages, which does not include the cover page and reference page(s).
Introduction (including purpose statement)
*Focus of the assessment
-Describe the focus of this particular assessment on the patient complaining of a cough.
*Subjective Component:
-Describe the Review of Systems/ symptoms (ROS), Past Medical Histories (PMH), and other relevant data in this section.
NB (Subjective data are information from the client’s point of view (“symptoms”), including feelings, perceptions, and concerns obtained through interviews)
*Objective Component:
-Describe the physical examination findings including techniques of examination
-Documented evidence to support clinical reasoning
-Describe the list of differential diagnoses
NB (Objective data are observable and measurable data (“signs”) obtained through observation, physical examination, and laboratory and diagnostic testing)
*Plan of care
-Describe the plan of care individualized to findings, life-span stage of development with culturally specific considerations for each focused area of assessment.
-References (use primary and/or reliable electronic sources)

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