Disruptive Innovations in Higher Education

For this discussion choose one of the articles listed on the web page “Disruptive Innovations in Higher Education” to critically assess and discuss.
In your initial post,
Provide a citation and web link for the article you critically analyzed (Here is the link to the article I’ve chosen. Rethinking college: Disruptive innovation, no reform, is needed https://www.brookings.edu/blog/social-mobility-mem…) Provide a brief overview of the article. Critically assess the innovation described with respect to its viability, usefulness, and overall value. In your critical assessment, address questions such as the following. (Note that you don’t have to answer these precise question, which are provided only as possible avenues for inquiry.)
Is the innovation something that would appeal to you as a learner or to others in your social group? What characteristics and/or qualities make it viable and potentially useful? What are the flaws in the innovation? What are some of the concepts that you find appealing?
The post “Disruptive Innovations in Higher Education” .

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