Example Of Examining Conflict Course Work

– Briefly describe the two opposing parties.

The latest political uproar around the globe is the Russian-Ukrainian conflict that has created a nerve-wrecking situation for all the strong, powerful world leaders. The conflict is mainly between Russia and Ukraine.

– Using course concepts (Modules 14 and 17), analyze how the conflict might have been initiated and how it is maintained.

Over the past few years, Russia has dominated most of the governmental decisions of Ukraine, which were based on building strong relations with Russia, but not with the European Union because if Ukraine signed deals with European Union then it would damage the economy of Russia. This aggravated the Ukrainians because they wanted to be involved with the Western Europe’s economies, which have proven to be more productive than other countries of the world. The President of Ukraine, Viktor Yanukovych refused to sign economic deal with the European Union, instead took $15 billion aid from Russia and other economic benefits. The Ukrainians raged against their president, who out of fear, fled to Russia, and so the opposing parties held the government positions to run the state.

The European Union and United States have offered several other offers to the Ukrainian government, but the decision was final and it was not in favor of EU, US or the Ukrainian public.

Even though most of the Ukrainian population is against Russia taking control over Ukraine, Russia resists taking its control back, and has now gained full control over Crimea, which has Russophone population and strong naval bases for Russia.
The European Union and United States keep discussing this matter with the Russian President, Vladimir Putin, but no outcome has been derived so far.

– Again, using course concepts, describe how the conflict may be lessened.

During the year 1994, Russia, Ukraine, United States and United Kingdom made a deal known as ‘Budapest Memorandum on Security Assurance’ in which Russia sworn to respect Ukraine’s sovereignty as an independent nation. Moreover, in this same deal, Ukraine also signed a deal of Nuclear Nonproliferation treaty with Russia and sent all its nuclear weapons to it. Now, keeping this deal in mind, what Russia is doing is a clear violation of it. Therefore, the Ukraine opposition parties requested the United Nations Security Council to consider this matter and put sanctions on Russia.
This conflict can only be lessened if Russia withdrew its troops from Crimea, which is a part of Ukraine and agree on a decisions that seem fair to the Ukrainian population as well. However, if Russia did not do so and claim its control over Crimea then it will face more hardships in the future.

– What have you learned about conflict?

Although, most nations of the world want Russia to take its control back over Crimea, and provide Ukraine population, the freedom they deserve. The United Nations can force economic sanctions upon Russia to deter it from invading Crimea. But Russia plays a very important role in the development of Ukraine as the later one depends on the former one for its energy resources. Hence, if Russia withdraws its troops from Ukraine, then it is going to face a lot of economic problems. The European Union and United States will be held responsible for it.

– How will you attempt to avoid conflict in your daily life?

Becoming self-sufficient or finding reliable sources to help you are really important tactics to avoid conflict in daily life; otherwise, you will be stuck asking for help from even those individuals who are not really interesting in helping you. On the other hand, effective communication also plays an important role in avoiding conflict in daily life. By being diplomatic, you can not only achieve your own interests, but also satisfy other individual’s interests as well.

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