Example Of Managing Research Priorities: A Talent Management Strategy To Attract A Diverse Course Work

Research Agenda
Does it pay to invest company’s time and resources in expanding its diversity, and in getting its employees to work together peacefully and happily? What are the specific talent management strategies that give rise to diversity and how they can be used to an organisation’s advantage? It is a known fact that any organisation can achieve long term success and productivity by effectively applying diversity training in a cross cultural and diverse work environment.
Primary research question and brief analysis:
“What is the most prominent talent management strategy that is required to attract a diverse workforce?” In order to make name in international markets, companies have no option but to recruit a diverse workforce. However, this is simply not enough. This workforce needs to be effectively groomed and trained on the necessary skills sets. Diversity training increases the overall productivity of the company, as employees learn how to survive, work and flourish in diverse work cultures. It increases the quality of employee output. It also improves the corporate identity of the company and goodwill from its stakeholders. Moreover, only those organisations that are truly committed to diversity training will succeed in tough and turbulent business environment.
The organisation’s talent management strategy must emphasise on the following important stages:
– Analysis of the current situation existing in the company. The organisation must find the answer, how is the current diversity in the company? What are the concerns and problems that need to be addressed on priority?
– Educating all the existing employees, stakeholder and senior management on building self esteem, value differences and teaching them the importance of embracing diversity in the work culture.
– Engaging trainers and recruiters for applying different talent management strategies with a focus on diversity.
– Measure, evaluate, analyse and implement necessary changes. The management needs to analyse the impact of the applied strategies and techniques on the organisation. Has diversity improved?
– Take surveys to measure any improvements in the employees’ attitudes towards diversity and identify and adopt the best strategy for attracting a diverse workforce.
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