Example Of Reinventing Healthcare Course Work

According to the medical doctors, the government has the right to enforce, legislate or regulate behaviors relating to obesity, health, as well as nutritional eating. The government has the right to legislate or enforce laws relating to health practices in order to facilitate good health of the people in the country. The government regulations on the health of individuals is of the essence in ensuring food security in the country. It is, therefore, of the essence to enforce such policies in order to ensure that the aspects relating to advertising are done in the most appropriate manner so as to ensure the healthy lifestyles in the children (Korgen, 2012, p.16). The marketing of the children’s foods is regulated in order to ensure that the children are fed appropriately in a way that prevent conditions of obesity and related unhealthy practices.

The economic experts also argued that the government has the right to enforce such regulations in order to avoid both social and economic costs associated with unhealthy practices. The government is responsible in preventing such costs of handling health risks like obesity in the lives of the children (Korgen, 2012, p.22). The experts have also argued for government legislation in the food security and health practices in relation to licensing on foods.

The opinions of both the economic and health experts are biased in the sense that the experts failed to provide statistical evidence concerning such health issues and practices in order to support their arguments. The statistical evidence relating to the cases of obesity are not representative of the whole population.

In my opinion, the government has the right to enforce, legislate as well as regulating health and nutrition issues. This is because the current status of health risks is demanding and worrying. The government should, therefore, put regulations in place in order to control such health and nutritional risks.


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