Excel Logistics Services Case Study

Question 1 1. First construct a run chart of the data from the receiving area Question 2: 2. Construct a p-chart to obtain an estimate for the proportion defective across the set of X sample points (given) a. Total number defective = ? b. Total Transactions evaluated = ? c. Proportion defective = p = a/b 3. The next step is to obtain the standard deviation of proportion defective for a sample of size 800 per page 3 where Stalk is analyzing 800 per day for 45 days. a. Standard deviation of proportion defective for sample size 800, std deviation = sqrt (p(1-p)/800) = ? 4. The next step is to obtain the upper and lower control limits as follows: a. UCL= p 3 (std dev) = ? b. LCL = p-3 (std dev) = ? 5. Now you can check whether the receiving process overall is in control. Question 3: Since the process is under control, we assume that the average proportion defective is likely to be p=0.0182. 1, What is the standard deviation for a set of 8000 transactions per day? std deviation = sqrt (p(1-p)/8000) = ? 2. Now evaluate the proportion of days that exceed 2% defectives using normal distribution curve. Using excel 1-NORM.DIST (0.02,0.0182,0.00149,1) =?

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