Explain how this case fits into the overall framework of contract law/ the tort of negligence.

Pick one contract law case and one tort law case that you feel has been significant in the development of English law.
For each case:
Include brief factual details of the case, including which court it was heard in.
With reference to academic commentary, explain why you feel this case is of particular legal significance.
Explain how this case fits into the overall framework of contract law/ the tort of negligence.
Essay 2 – (Learning outcome 3) (28% marks)
Salma is a tutor, specialising in tutoring children between the ages of 12 and 16. She sees a tutor post advertised in a local newspaper from an organisation, Tutors R Us Ltd and applies for the role. She is successful in interview.
When Salma begins work, she is not given any written contract/ statement of terms but is told that she is self-employed. The Managing Director of Tutors R Us Ltd informs Salma that she must complete her own tax return, via the self-assessment process and must provide her own laptop. She is told that she must not carry out any tutoring work outside of her work for Tutors R Us and cannot send another tutor in her place. Salma works each week from 9-4pm, Monday to Thursday with Tutors R Us, at the company’s premises and is paid a monthly amount of £2,000 for her work.
After three years working for Tutors R Us, there is a downturn in the economy and the client base of the company is reducing. Tutors R Us write to Salma and tell her that her services are no longer required. In the letter they state that there have been concerns about her tutoring capability and in the circumstances, they are terminating her contract with immediate effect.
Advise Salma of any rights that she has under employment law and the steps she would need to take to enforce them.
Your answer should refer to relevant case law.
Essay 3 (Learning outcomes 5 and 2) (28% marks)
For your AC1006 assignment you have been allocated a FTSE 350 company.
Study the corporate information available on this company’s website. The company’s most recent annual report may be a useful starting point.
Use this company information to provide illustrative examples in your essay which should cover the following information:
The typical board structure of a UK Public Limited Company (PLC) (including the different types of director on the Board)
The main legal differences between a PLC and a Private Limited Company (Ltd)
The role and responsibilities of the Company Directors as agents of the company.

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