Explain how you would approach this new challenge. What would be your first task?

Here is an email from an angry customer:
I have the Talking Angela app on my iPad, my daughter aged 3 loves it but I have concerns. More recently when you get the opportunity to ‘earn’ the blue diamonds on start-up on the terrace you need to play a sponsor’s video. I understand that you rely on these for financial reasons but who decided that it was appropriate that my daughter could watch Walking Dead gaming ads or even those for Scottish whisky!!.?? WTF!!
I now do not let my daughter click on those diamonds and I collect them when she’s not around. I would delete the app if she didn’t love it so much but thought I’d ask which idiot at your company feels this content is acceptable and would they want their young child or niece exposed to such content??
Get a grip and sort yourselves out because regardless of revenue income this is not acceptable considering your products are aimed at young children.
Yours … A very pissed off customer
Explain what you would do upon receiving an email like this? How would you handle the issue internally?
Provide a draft of a reply to this angry customer. Explain the time frame that this would happen in.
Currently we’re in development of a free-to-play strategy RPG game. In order to build the best support for our users we first need to check out our competition and see the usual support practices for the users of similar genre in order to be competitive.
Check out three of our competitors. One of the competitors is Marvel Strike Force by Scopely, find two more by yourself that fit into the RPG genre. Focus on their support channels.
Provide a comparison of support options of the three competitors.
Checking out the competition, what would you suggest are the best support practices we should implement for our new game and what should we focus on in each one of the support channels?
In-game support is one of the support channels that we offer to our users. Since this is a relatively new implementation, we are always looking for improvements.
Check out in-game support inside My Talking Tom Friends (under settings > help & support)
What do you think about our in-game support? Why do you think in-game support is important for our users and also important for the company?
Compare in-game support in My Talking Tom Friends with in-game support implementation in Marvel Strike Force.
Provide a few improvements for in-game support in My Talking Tom Friends having in mind Marvel Strike Force and their in-game support.
Assume you just became in charge of a major project inside the Customer Success team – implementation of a new CRM tool called Zendesk. Your job is to migrate from the old CRM system to the new and improve the overall agent and player experience inside the new tool by implementing new features and optimizing workflow.
Explain how you would approach this new challenge. What would be your first task?
Check out Zendesk’s website (most specifically what they offer) and write 5 things that you think are crucial for a fully functional CS team. You can find the list of features here: https://www.zendesk.com/service/
Since Zendesk requires quite a lot of implementation you would have to work with different teams, from BE to IT and design team. Please write a draft message to an IT specialist, asking him to help you implement a spam filter in Zendesk.

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