Explain sarcopenic obesity and its effect on the elderly.

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1. What was the basic question that the BLSA first asked?
2. Has the BLSA been successful at answering its original question? Fully explain in your own words.
3. What are the two major conclusions that have been drawn from the study so far?
4. What is the NIA and what is its goal?
5. In your own words, what is meant in the Introduction by the statement, “active life expectancy”?
6. Who were the three men that started the BLSA and what was their goal?
7. Knowing what we know now about physiology and anatomy, why was it not a good idea to exclude women from the original study?
8. How frequently are participants monitored, and how is that monitoring accomplished?
9. Indicate whether the following statement is True or False, AND explain your answer from materials within the BLSA website.
Starting an exercise program in your sixties is too late to have any significant benefit.
10. Explain sarcopenic obesity and its effect on the elderly.
11. What are the categories of body shape and why is fat distribution monitored in the elderly?
12. Explain why it is not always a good idea for an elderly person to lose weight, even if they have a high BMI? Be specific and use terms associated with topics we have covered in class.
13. What were the nutrition groups individuals were broken into, and which group had the lowest weight and BMI index increases each year?
14. What types of food have a low glycemic value and why are they considered good choices?
15. Give an example of a micronutrient deficiency and a disorder it is linked to in the elderly.

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