Film/Music Essay

Explore the relationship between labour and space in relation to a film or a piece of music. Be sure to state the main arguments of your essay in the introduction to the paper and explain how the argument will be organized and developed. Do not provide a summary of the plot of the film or song. You should use at least two academic articles (either from the course outline or outside the course). – Please see the Essay instruction file I uploaded, There are a list of the examples. Be sure to focus your analysis on one or two themes discussed in the course. Do not cover too much. For example, you could discuss: alienation, exploitation, technology, autonomy, creativity, freedom, labour control, labour allocation, labour incorporation, labour reproduction, consent, appropriation of a surplus, Taylorism and scientific management, digital Taylorism, Fordism, lean/participatory management philosophies, different power repertoires used by capital and labour, tactics of labour resistance (soldiering etc), emotional/ aesthetic/ affective labour, the feminization of work, precarious/ insecure work, risk, worker ownership, the role of unions and other institutions etc. These themes should be related to space. Focus your discussion. Examples of themes that may be relevant include: What is the architecture and design of the workplace? How does this design relate to power relations in the workplace? How is space linked to work in the film or song? Are workers lined-tied or mobile? What is the geography of control? How much space or privacy do workers have? Are they subject to visual or electronic or technological surveillance? Or is control built into the layout and speed of the assembly line or work process? How is space linked to time and power in the work process? Where is the workplace? Is it isolated and enclosed?

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