Financial Decisions Essay Examples

Money and the manner in which two partners built and maintain their relationship is important in any partnership. To be fair and committed to each other in a long term, both partners should be open and honest in their money matters to each other. Ideally, they should have a strong agreement about their mutual financial decisions. We are simple mortals who may have lots of good intentions, but also plenty of obstacles that hinder us from realizing those intentions.

Money affairs and disagreeing over money issues is not unusual in most families. I think the richer the family is, the most financial issues it has. Plenty of money means that people can make bigger choices, but at the same time, they are also bound to their particular choices. Their accountability matters when it comes to money affairs.

Partnership for life also denotes money partnership. To my mind, if both partners are clever enough not to blame each other over their money problems, then they should be able to work towards a brighter and worry-free future. For adults who share a common bank account and a roof above their heads, adoption to each other’s wants does not always come easy. Usually, one of them is leading the other and taking action. I believe if you truly look ahead to changing your partner, first, start with yourself.

In partnership, money has a considerable role, but the primary role. One partner might be better at financial matters while the other manages more practical things. Each of them should be equally significant and not underrated. Perhaps one of the best advices on how to stop conflicts over your financial resources is making lots of compromises. These compromises should refer to the ways of spending and saving your money.

In my opinion, if partners decide on having a joint bank account, then many things would look simpler, and problems would vanish in the end. Then, they would no longer argue what mine is and what is yours. Such a solution is viable when it comes to bigger decisions in life. Sharing your life and money means that both of you are on equal terms, where one cannot be richer or poorer than the other.

Making all your financial decisions together should be normal as well. In the case one of the partners finds him in disagreement with the other, both should look for a reasonable compromise. A stable relationship is the one based on trust, and I have come to think that openness and honesty are not so rare values in this world.
More often than not, I find myself in conflict with those people with whom I share my life. Although, I am not totally bad with the financial side of my life, still I need to go a good way to improve myself in dealing with my worth. Everyone still has a chance to prove that they can recover financially in order to live a life full of happiness and satisfaction in the future.

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