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Is it ethical for you to apply for the job without mentioning this fact?My Post
It will be unethical to apply for a continuing, full-time position in the local newspaper if there is a desire to go back to college in the fall, and later on quit the job. The fact that the job advertisement specifically stated that they need someone for a full-time position constitutes bad faith on my part if I pursue my application since it is a form of lying.

Initially, every applicant must be honest and truthful to the employer because it shows a person’s work ethic. Honesty/candor and loyalty are two of the most vital duties of an employee to his employer (pg. 21). I will be misleading the employer if I continue to apply for the job and concealing my true intentions. The best move is to be straightforward and inform the employer beforehand that I intend to go back to college, and see if they are still interested to hire me after disclosing this information. Failure to disclose such fact to the employer is an unethical thing to do and it amounts to fraud and deception (pg. 35). Such act will deprive the employer of the opportunity to hire an employee who is well-deserving for the job.

I agree with his statement that the best decision is not to apply for the job. Failure to inform the employer of the plans of going back to college and later on quit the job will be prejudicial on the part of the employer since they will invest time and effort to train me as their new employee, should they decide to hire me. It is my obligation to the employer to be honest and loyal in all my actions (pg 21). Misleading the employer will cause a negative impression on my work ethic and it will later on hurt my chances of getting good recommendations for my future employers. I agree that I will only be wasting my time and also the time of the employer if I pursue my application.

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