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Information and care technology has remarkably improved. Earlier there was a lack of availability of resources but thanks to technology delivering health care services has become not only easier but also faster. People related to health care services should be open to new and innovative ideas after all delivering service and good care to patients should be the aim of every health care department. It will not be wrong to say that technology has made the work of doctors and nurses easier. Two examples of current technology used in the delivery of patient care are the electronic aspirin and valve job with heart. Electronic aspirin helps people who suffer from constant headaches, migraines or chronic head pain. The valve job with heart is an alternative to open heart surgeries for patients who need a new valve but cannot endure the side effects of the operation. Since there is always a scope for improvement, even health care services can improve with time and people will be benefitted.

In the present times, technology has become an integral part of our lives. Medical experts everywhere are now using various technological devices such as smart phones, tablets etc. to engage themselves in the treatment and care of patients either directly or indirectly. Technology has become one of the most important tools in the life of an individual, whether the person falls under the category of independent population or not. It is nowadays playing a very important role in nursing care of patients all around the world.

However, the involvement of technology in the medical world is not free of challenges. Since the people rely on computers for most of their work, the tasks are becoming more and more intensive. It also limits a nurse’s brain power to think divergently. Another challenge faced my medical experts, physicians and nurses is lack of communication due to the constant engagement in smart phones and other devices. What and how we use technology in the future now depends only in our hands. Only we have the opportunity and ability to enhance knowledge in the various fields of informatics and find ways to implement them.


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