Free Element Course Work Example

– Child- Carbon
– Parents- Oxygen

Recommendation letter to parents

I am writing from Elemental Adoption Agency to tell you about the element in question for adoption. Her name is Carbon, and she goes by “C”. Given the home setting, she can be instrumental in breathing new life into a situation.
She is classified as atomic number 6 in our files and is a healthy atomic weight and mass number of 12. She is grouped in the nonmetallic section of our agency and is a complete element with 4 valance electrons and can make four strong bonds. She would thrive best in a home capable of giving her four covalent bonds, something you two Oxygens could provide. We hope this information is helpful in making a decision on your adoption.
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Letter to baby element

Should I call you “C”? I hope this letter finds you well. I am writing you about the recent adoption interest from two Oxygens. They have a very close relationship, and are looking for the perfect new element to bond with. I hope you seriously consider their request.
The “O” family is from a similar, nonmetallic background as you. They are a larger family, with 16 atomic numbers. They have a nearly full shell with 8 total electrons and six in their outer shell but are eager to share with you. They’d love to form 2 strong bonds. Please strongly consider our recommendation of the Oxygen to join CO2!

Elemental Adoption Agencyё

I apologize for this letter that brings bad news. It’s come to my attention that your adoption agency, Elemental, is considering an agreement with the Oxygen or “O” family. Elemental failed to warn you about the Oxygen’s current sons. They already have 4 children named Hydrogen. These children are extremely needy and weigh down the parents, with each parent always having to bond with 2 at a time. This is a bit of a wet situation.
The Oxygen parents have a temper and are very reactive. I worry you will be quickly cast aside in this environment. There are rumors that the mother is thinking of leaving with their sons for a mature Carbon, which would put you in a potentially deadly situation with just one carbon and oxygen.

Please take my recommendations seriously.


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