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Changes That Need to be Made to Cater for the Diverse Needs of Aviation Students who may want to Study at UND

It is made clear that there is an increase in the number of students who are interested in partaking training in aviation. This has been made clear through the growth of the UND and the number of students who seek to acquire their piloting skills at UND. Despite the growth, there has been a reduction in the number of students referred to the institution by the MOI of Saudi Arabia since there are few helicopters. It is also made clear that the location of the UND does not favor students from countries due to the weather.

Summary: In the research conducted, it is made clear that despite the growth of the aviation industry and the UND being among one of the best institutions that offer aviation courses, there have been challenges. The UND is well equipped to offer the best aviation training and has gained recognition from different companies worldwide that have had their piloting students trained there. Having among the best equipment to facilitate aviation training and having prior experience through qualified aerospace administrators have enabled UND to acquire a good reputation. Despite having acquired more contracts from various organizations such as Air China, there have been a few set back that need to be addressed in order to improve. This is through an increase in the number of helicopters and setting up an aviation school in a region which has a favorable condition that will suit all students.

Details: It is made evident through the argument presented that the aviation industry is growing at a very high rate. Having acquired the reputation that the UND has, it is not exceptional that it fails to be well equipped in certain departments. This is experienced in a particular instance where the AMARCO is withdrawing it contract from sending it students to UND. This is because, despite the changes that have been made in the UND and the equipment’s it has acquired to facilitate aviation, it has failed at providing more sufficient helicopters to students who wish to partake training in flying helicopters. This has contributed to the withdrawal of the contract by the MOI of Saudi Arabia due to the few helicopters available for training. In order to attract more students who wish to undertake training in flying helicopter, there are changes that need to be done to facilitate these improvements. In consideration to the number of aviation students who are discouraged from joining the institution due to the climatic conditions, there are also requires changes since the UND has gained global recognition. Therefore, changes are required to facilitate a diverse range of students who wish to study aviation at UND.

Conclusion and Recommendations: The UND is quickly gaining recognition as having being ranked as the second largest aviation department in the country. Therefore, it is expected to be well equipped to cater for students who study aviation in all the available departments which include helicopter flying. The institution should ensure that it makes efforts in facilitating the purchase of more helicopters in order to attract more students who wish to take classes in helicopter flying lessons. This will enable the UND to attract the students it lost from the MOI of Saudi Arabia and other companies. Being a recognized institution, the UND should ensure it provides a solution to its students who come from diverse backgrounds by setting up an institution in a favorable environment. The West Coast or the East Cost would offer a favorable environment to all foreign students.

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