Free The Plan Of Student Ministries Course Work Sample

Young people have a role to play me the Christian ministry. Most of the young populations are enrolled as college or high school students, but this does not mean that they have no role to play in ministering within the Christian ministry. The Christian foundation has to be based on young people who do not only need to know Christ but also understand the ministry of Christ. Young people can play different roles within the Christian ministry.

Richard has e discussed four levels of the Christian Ministry; however the mission level seems to be the most compelling. Yon people have a key challenge in understanding the word of GOD .Some of them do not find people who are within their age group who can preach the gospel to them. It is a challenge among young people to understand the gospel and follow the words of the gospel. Mission work is an efficient way to reach to the young people. Gospel work should not be left to the old people as it has been within the society.

There are various ways which young people in schools can reach out to others and spread the gospel through missionary work. Those in college can be involved in door to door mission work to other students living in the hostels. They can also organize open air crusades in the colleges and spread the gospel .

There are many young people idling on the street; street ministry is an effective way to preach the gospel through missionary work. After the mission work, there should be a follow up by the students so as to evaluate how the gospel was received by the people.


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