Free Work Breakdown Structure Course Work Example

A work breakdown structure was indeed required to be prepared so as to assist Barage Construction Company in coming up with a budget for the entire project. The WBS would provide a framework of the cost estimates along with the schedule and control for the project . A work breakdown structure is hierarchical in nature whereby the project has been broken down into phases or rather work packages from the beginning to the end of the entire venture. The structure shows how efforts will be subdivided in order to achieve the objectives-which in this case are the Barage garages.
Sean’s approach on his WBS is quite commendable.

From the structure, the work packages have been done appropriately from site to finish up although the floor part would fall under construction. However, Sean forgot to include the drainage and maybe storage section where garage equipments will be stored. All these would have fallen under construction work package.

Sean’s estimates on the cost of the project are logic. For him, construction of a one-car garage would cost $21,500 and therefore, Barage Construction Company will probably spend thrice this much to construct a three-car garage. Based on the percentages, Sean’s calculation earns him another point. He decided to estimate the cost of the project based on custom garages which are tailored to the needs of the customers and also the mechanics unlike standard garages.

Construction of custom garages tend to be more expensive than for standard garage and that is why his estimates where 20 percent higher. For Barage Construction Company to redeem the 10 percent the lost on construction of the garages, the will have to prices their garages higher than their competitors which is acceptable because their garages are of a higher value compared their rivals’ hence regained the 10 percent they had lost during construction.

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