Good Course Work About Encounter With Adversity

Assignment 1

In my previous paper, I outlined some of the encounters that I can describe as defining moments. As a matter of fact, a defining moment is any instance that in one way or another affects the life course of a person. Apparently, the defining moments as narrated before were the meeting with the motivational speaker, and the unfortunate squabble between my best friend and me in our adolescent days. Clearly, of these encounters the former was quite inspiring and constructive. On the contrary, the latter was characterized by adversity because after the encounter, I was regretful, stressed out and shamefaced. These feelings surrounded me, making e feel by everybody around me, and even by my inner self. The embarrassment I went through was extremely disheartening.

In point of fact, there were other incidences that were characterized with adversity but, for some reasons; I did not consider them to be defining moments. Foremost, I remember being suspended from school for a week for cheating in a continuous assessment test given to us by the math teacher. The main reason why I did not consider to be a defining moment is because, after a week’s suspension from school, my grades did not change,. The suspension had little or no impact on my performance. The second adversity filled incident was a point when I lost my favorite uncle. My uncle, a brother to my mother, had been my role model. He was widely read, and boasted of being the wealthiest among his siblings. He was my motivation, and whenever I needed counsel, especially on academic matter, I would run to him.

For each of the above incidences, I learnt a lot about myself and about life. Primarily, from the first incident, I learned that I could keep up my academic pace despite some interruptions. I learned that all it took was self confidence and being steadfast in pursuing personal goals. I also learned that we should not allow some adversities to divert our focus and attention because, this way, we could get off the right track without even realizing it. From the second incident, I learned that I was emotionally weak because, clearly, I was emotionally destabilized for a long while. On the positive side, however, I learned that with prater, I could always find a purpose in life. I could easily recollect myself and move on. In point of fact, my character was being tested from many dimensions.

When I reflect on the incidences, I realize that my patience, problem solving, and intrapersonal communication skills were being tested. The incidences were a test on my ability to remain steadfast, and focused after all I had was gone. My resilience was as well subjected to test since I was still schooling and had a strong connection between emotional stability and social wellbeing. Looking back, however, I realize that the adversities strengthened me a great deal. The bitter parts of my life taught me a lot of things, especially ideas on how to co-exist and to endure the painful parts of our lives. The adversities aided me in attaining personal growth and development because they exposed me to prayer and the capacity to find alternatives when everything seemed lost. Worth of note, also, is the fact that after the adversities, I felt prepared for future adversities. I felt equipped with such tools as prayer and consultation. Considering the powerful role played by friends and family during such times, it is essential to mention that I can now strengthen and encourage people caught in adversities.

Assignment 2

While there are many companies that rely on servant leadership, Datron World Communications is the most noteworthy, especially considering that it has undergone both pleasant and threatening times. Based in Vista, California, Datron is arguably the most renowned organization when it comes to the production and distribution of police communication technology. Known to be the undisputed price performance leader, Datron conducts vibrant business activities in well over eighty countries. The culture at Datron is synonymous with Art Barter – a leader whose name reflects the epitome of effective servant leadership. At Datron, servant leadership is not only a leadership strategy, but also a management philosophy that has seen the management and the employees work hand in hand in ensuring perfect service delivery because, according to the internal doctrines of the organization’s philosophy, the customer is the most important stakeholder.

Right from its mission and purpose statement, it is clear that the organization is designed to serve customers and other external stakeholders. The mission and purpose statement of Datron reads: a self-sustaining, profitable communication company, which positively impacts on the lives of others today and in the future ( 2014). Clearly, the organization’s running is based on servant leadership because the phrase “impacting on the lives of others,” is the heart of servant leadership. From the core values, also, the organization’s belief in servant leadership is exceptionally conspicuous. The primary values of the organization, according to (2014) are as follows:

– Our families come first
– Honor and serve others
– Conduct ourselves ethically and with integrity
– Honest and trustworthy
– Uncompromising in our values

Servant leadership became a core part of the organizational philosophy at Datron in May 2005, six months after successful acquisition of the company. When Art Barter met Ken Blanchard, he learned the philosophy and swore to stick by it because he reckoned, it was the best way to help enhance an organization’s internal environment. Art Barter, who remains the mentor and nurturer of servant leadership in the organization, strived tirelessly to have the organization’s culture embrace the philosophy. Nine years later, Datron is known to be one among the organizations enjoying unprecedented success, in terms of financial and reputational performance.

The success of the organization is quite evident, looked at from different angles. Foremost, research indicates that the organization’s workforce is exceptionally comfortable and satisfied. This is evidenced by the fact that the organization has an exemplary employee loyalty rate. Additionally, the employee turnover rate is quite low, especially since the adoption of servant leadership. Employee satisfaction is easily attainable in servant leadership oriented organizations because in such organizations, the employees are an integral part of the organization’s decision making process. Another indicator of the organization’s success is the fact that it is known to be a price performance leader in the industry, despite the existence of many competitors.

Going by regional coverage of the company’s operations, Datron is currently operating businesses in well over 80 countries. This can be termed as tremendous performance, especially considering that the organization had been associated with a negative reputation, following false accusations by other interest parties in the same industry. The width of Dalton’s international sales representative’s network is another key indicator of the organization’s success. The network, which is also among the reasons for the organizations high volumes of sales, is run by effective leaders – servant leaders that are focused and ready to steer the organization to great heights of success.

Today, the products of the organization are manufactured at the company’s ISO9001-2008 certified facilities ( 2014). Speaking of customer satisfaction, Datron delivers unparalleled services which result in customer satisfaction and consequent customer loyalty. Overall, servant leadership saw Datron back on its feet after the name tainting accusations. The same philosophy is the reason why the company stands out as a center of stakeholder satisfaction. While satisfying all stakeholders may seem like an uphill task, it is clear that servant leadership facilitates the affiliation of all external and internal stakeholders, hence motivating loyalty and commitment to service.

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