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Information Technology (IT) department is an important department for an organization that has a direct linkage with all the financial and strategic well-being of a corporation. Due to high responsibility on the shoulders of IT department, this particular department is also in severe constrained in an organization (Kloppenborg, Shriberg & Venkatraman, 2003). There are certain security checks and measures have been applied on the IT department of an organization to prevent them from any mishap, and influence them to productive for the company. This particular attention would not give to any department of an organization, because organizations have an idea that any discrepancy in this department would lead to severe corporate losses for the company. Project Management is an important area of Information Technology (IT) on that serious constrain would have been applied. For this assignment, a discussion is required regarding the major organization and institutional constrain for the effective IT project management of an organization. There are certain things that needed to be considering while answering this particular in an effective manner.


Management of projects is extremely significant for the sake of an organization, and it is the only aspect through that an entity can empower their departments to bring positivity in their functions. “Constrains” means control and influence that put on by the major organizations and institutions on their IT project management (Knapp, 2003).
Some of the reasonable kinds of restrained imposed on IT projects by management are not to allow direct interactions with the clients. There is always a middle man between the client and the IT team. The management doesn’t allow the team to directly interact with the customers, as they might approach them to deliver the same services later, on low fees (Meredith & Mantel, 2006).

Apart from that, the management restrained their IT department to not to disclose their projects in front of any of the person, regardless with the fact that the person is directly or indirectly relates with the organization. They are not even allowed to share the information they have regarding the project with of their friends working in similar organizations. Both of these restrains are reasonable, and the best thing is that organizations furnish each and everything before the management at an early stage in order to prevent from any problem or issue. If an employee is not wanted to comply with the rules, they are more than welcome to leave the company. Apart from the reasonable restrains, there is some unreasonable one as well. One of the unreasonable restrain imposes on the IT a project by the management is to having a look over their chats and calls. This is a breaching of privacy ethics, and it should not be there with the company because IT professionals are also humans, and they have the full rights to express their feelings via phone calls or chats with their friends and families.

Technical expertise of the top managers is more than essential especially in managing the IT department of a company, one of the most important departments for the sake of an entity. If the manager is technological efficient and expert in their field, then they have an idea regarding all the ethics and regulations of the industry, and what are the major actions that should have been taken for the same purpose accordingly. The supervisory skills of the managers would enhance considerably with the technical expertise and efficiency of the managers. Refrains can be put on those organizations that do not have technical experts as manager within their organizations (Meredith & Mantel, 2006).
Internal Working on the IT project is very important for the management of an organization, in fact it is one of the restrains that they can impose on the IT projects to make then legitimate and workable within the company. The company doesn’t allow any entrance from outside or any help from external sources. The degree of legitimacy in this scenario is high, and management of the IT project will consider this particular thing accordingly.

IT projects are comparatively more critical and difficult as compared to the projects found in other areas of the company, because these projects don’t have any benchmark to analyze the performance, and the projects required extensive testing as well. High testing means high cost for the companies, and then it might happen that the project may get cancel from the client. Therefore the level of constrain of the organization and institution on IT projects is high as compared to other provisions.

The field of IT depends upon the personal interest and the compatibility of mind. It is not like that a person will come after reading out lots of books to become a IT professional, because practicality worth a lots in this particular field. That is why, most of the times less qualified professionals get success in higher concession in this field as compared to highly qualified professionals because of their influence towards practicality. The general business climate would play a dominant part in it.


The current world has termed as a technologically advanced world, wherein every other organization are escaping towards technological advancement and efficacy. One of the major reasons behind running after the technological advancement and aspiration is very clear, that is to increase the level of efficiency of the company. The entire discussion of this part will be done on the “Project Desk” found on “”

The summary of this project is to enhance the level of communication among the employees and the management, as it is the only thing that can enable them to give their cent percent efforts. Project desk provides a platform to the management to enhance the level of communication among the subordinates and the management.
Though the look of the project is not look great, however it will still be apparent for the target audience with the description of the project.
The program gives an option to enhance the level of communication, and manages the projects; however it doesn’t give a time frame that in how much time, the project will be completed.

The usability of the Project Desk is effective and fine, and the main advantage that associated with the project is that it has the tendency to enhance the level of communication, and manages the project in a manner that it will affect over the financial and strategic performance of the company.
All of the five actions like Resource Building, Report Generation, Task Management, Email Notifications and Document Sharing would be done effectively through the Project Desk software.


One of the most important advancement that was observed during the current economic crisis was the advancement in the technology, because there were thousands of organizations that actually went bankrupt due to non-efficiency in their services and operations. Apart from brining efficacy in the function, technology can also minimizes the cost of the operations in a well organized and perfect manner, and that is the main thing why organizations all over the world are now focusing on the advancement of technology. From this entire analysis, it is found that that restrains should be imposing by the management on the IT department to make them favorable in the favor of the company.


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