Good Course Work On Searching For A School Using The Scientific Method


The scientific method of research uses investigation of phenomena and using newly acquired knowledge or prior knowledge to analyze it. It involves a series of steps all of which should be directed towards achieving verifiable results. When looking for an elementary school for the child, the child’s abilities should be put into consideration, his learning styles, the social environment best for him and practical matters such as the extracurricular activities he should join.

How to find the best Elementary School using the Scientific Method

Observation: Listing down the schools that seem consider desirable would be the first priority. Observing the students from that school would follow. That would be in terms of their neatness and general image. A brief tour in the school would be important which would include observation of the state of the infrastructure, the classes and how big they are and whether the school is adequately wired. The homework policies of the school are important and consideration of the extent in which parents are usually involved would be among my objectives. All necessary information may not be obtained by observation alone, and the formulation of a question on which to base me research would be necessary. The questions that would arise are such as “is the education offered all rounded?” and “how do teachers and students relate?”

Research on existing knowledge regarding the question: This is important to get facts regarding the schools I choose to focus on. Asking parents whose children attend those particular schools on their children’s progress, their homework policies, how much homework they are would provide me with important additional information. Enquiring on how involved the PTA is in making decisions regarding the school’s administration would give me an opinion on how balanced the school’s decisions are. Paying a visit to the school’s administration to get the exact details concerning the expectations of the school on its students is also necessary.

Form a Hypothesis: This I would do based on the knowledge I have acquired. This would be on narrowed down options which have similar characteristics. The hypothesis would be such as “high cost schools cater for a child’s individual needs more than low cost schools”
Test my Hypothesis: This would be through experiments that will give me the information I need. Observing the workforce, the number of teachers available would give me information on how much attention each child gets from their teacher. A teacher’s efficiency can also be determined by their satisfaction in their work place in terms of comfort and remuneration. This way, determining the kind of treatment that such a teacher is likely to give to her students is more possible. Bitter teachers do not treat their students in the best way.

Analyze my Results and Draw relevant Conclusions: In conclusion, I would bring my findings together and merge them to compare the different schools. Judging the schools based on the findings and choosing that which pleases me most would seem like an accurate way of determining the best school. These would be such as how much my child will gain from the school’s learning system. The school should be capable of meeting my child’s needs depending on the kind of learner he is, and how much the school allows a parent’s involvement in their child’s progress.


The most important objective of using the scientific method of research in determining the elementary school my child will attend is to ensure they get the best head start in their life in terms of education. Facts are therefore very crucial

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