Good Course Work On Unintentional Discrimination

Unintentional discrimination occurs when a company’s policies uncritically reflect prejudicial stereotypes, however, do not involve overt racial prejudices of its managers or executives .

The people who have the most gain from allowing undocumented individuals to vote say it does. It is intentionally discriminating against people who should not be allowed to vote because they are not citizens. For example, in Washington D.C. federal court rejected a Texas laws that require voters to show photographic identification in order to cast their ballot. The three panel of judges found that the law imposed a strict and unforgiving burdens on the poor, pointing out that the racial minorities are to live possibly in poverty .

When people think of discrimination, they think of intentional discrimination or it is purposely treating somebody in a different manner. The treatment is based on gender, religion, age, race, disability, or other protected status . However, it is possible that the unintentional discrimination is considered unlawful. The law signed by Republican Gov. Perry in 2011 that requires voters who cast their ballot need to show any of the following; an election identification certificate, driver’s license, military ID, passport or concealed carry permit, Department of Public Safety personal ID card, or citizenship certificate. The Justice Department objected the Texas’ voter ID law because the law has a heavier impact to Hispanic voters in particular.
The Justice Department believed that the ruling is intentionally discriminated against Hispanic and black voters while protecting the districts of current white members of the Congress.

Personally, I would say that the simplest way to view my opinion on the question “does legislation to verify a voter identification fall under the domain of unintentional or intentional discrimination?” is that this situation is unlawful discrimination and unintentional in the form of disparate impact discrimination. Disparate impact takes place when requirements are given that have the effect of disqualification to a larger number of minorities or protected class. To understand clearly, for example, certain small-scale company mandates all workers/candidates to submit a high school diploma but in the area where the company is located, a large number of minorities did finish their education. This mandate is unintentional in the form of disparate impact discrimination.

My guiding principles in view on discrimination either intentional or unintentional is that all are created equal and has absolute rights; to liberty, life, and pursue happiness.


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