For the purpose of my project, I decided on living ‘mirror-free’ for at least four days. After many hours of thinking, I decided upon a mirror as the item for my project. As the world is advancing, we are becoming more and more technology-dependent. Almost everyone dreads the prospect of living without internet or cell phone for more than a few hours at the very most. However, no matter how much we advance in technology, there are some things in life that are extremely essential to provide us with the inner worth that makes us keep going forward. We find this inner worth sometimes by accomplishing something, or by making someone else happy and earning his or her accolade, or just by appreciating our own personality once in a while.

There are several people who try to catch their own look in every mirror that comes their way. Whether it is while walking on the road or while walking in an office corridor, they try to catch a glimpse of themselves through reflection in the windows of the shops or offices. Those who frequently feel the urge to look at themselves are in need of a reassurance that they look presentable. Some people are very debonair and self-assured and do not feel the need to look at themselves every once in a while. I belong to the former group. When I look at myself in the mirror, a sense of confidence builds up. It provides me with the assurance that I need to face someone else. Although I am not obsessive about it, I still prefer to catch a sight of my reflection if I see a mirror.

The decision to go ‘mirror-free’ for a few days was extremely difficult. However, I took this decision for the purpose of this project. When I woke up on the first morning of the mirror-free day, I found it extremely challenging to subdue the urge to look in the mirror. I washed my face and then changed my clothes and rechecked a thousand times if I was looking fine. However, as there was no mirror to find me any assurance, I was not satisfied at all. I combed my hair and showed it to my sibling to tell me if my hair looked fine. I was able to overcome the urge and spent the days I had decided without a mirror.

During the time I spent without a mirror, I realized that I was very uncomfortable and fidgeting almost all the time. I ceased to have any confidence in what I said and what I did. I started to feel the need of assurances from others. My self-worth collapsed entirely. I started underestimating myself. Even my manner of walking changed and I started walking meekly like I was intimidated by something. When I begin to think about what would have happened if I was deprived of a mirror my whole life, chills run down my spine. I will lose any scintilla of self-worth that is left in me and would prefer to run and hide in a cave on a far-flung mountain.

Hence, this project taught me that there are many things in life that fulfill our need to reassure ourselves. Some relationships, like friendships, tend to play this role while other daily items that we deem to be extremely ordinary also play a huge role in our lives.

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