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Fatigue is the weariness after having a hard work experience. It involves a feeling of sleepiness and the lack of ability to continue doing a certain task (Campling and Sharpe, 2008). With relation to pilot fatigue, a pilot on duty with fatigued affects so many people. These include the crew, passengers and the pilots themselves.

The Air Line Pilots Association is an association that should take it upon itself to check into the matter of pilot fatigue. Pilot fatigue may be a problematic catastrophe to all stakeholders in the aviation industry. In addition to the pilots’ association, the employers should also look into the effects of pilot fatigue and use it to make decisions on how many hours,at the maximum, a pilot should work to avoid the effects of pilot fatigue (Peoples and Talley, 2004).

Is fatigue responsible for pilot errors? According to Lowy (2014), the unemployment rate of pilots in the United States is 2.7%. This indicates a very low rate of unemployment. It also shows that, in America, there is a shortage of pilots (Kaps, Hamilton & Bliss 2012). This is the reason why there are pilots working overtime which is the reason why incidences of fatigue are quite unavoidable. In 2009, an airline crash in New York that killed 49 people was blamed on pilot error. Errors are most likely to occur in the event that the pilot is tired and not concentrating in the task he is doing.


Orchestrating Human-Centered design is a book aimed at enlightening on the mere fact that human centered design should focus on global long term designs. It focuses on integration of humans and machines.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome provides facts about the illness. Thus, it offers advice to those directly or indirectly affected by the illness which helps them understand the disease better.

Transportation labor issues and regulatory reforms offers evidence on labor market outcomes in transportation firms. The comprehensive research makes the book easier to understand.

KOB is a major source of news in New Mexico. It has been a source of news in New Mexico since it was started in 1948.
Labor relations in the aviation and aerospace industries is a book that assesses all the aspects of labor procedures in the aviation and aerospace industry.


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