Good Example Of Essay On Indian Territory

The aim of this document is to trace the origin of the many tribes found in the native Indian territory through their stories and whether they can be classified as legends or myths. Native American Indians have always had a rich culture of storytelling that includes myths and legends that try to explain their origin, culture and way of life. The belief of supernatural beings such as the wishpoosh is one among many that shows how supreme beings controlled their fate, characteristics and culture. To this day they still pass down stories to their children around camp fires to keep this tradition alive. Below is such a story that tries to explain how their various tribes came into being and the characteristics of each tribe.

It is believed that Wishpoosh the monster beaver had a dwelling in Lake Cle-el-lum that was full of salmon and tuna. On a daily basis, people would attempt to sneak to the Lakeshore and fish, but the huge beaver would bellow and splash water that would terrify them into running away. If they were stubborn, it would drag them to the bottom of the lake where they would drown. Hearing stories from people about the happenings of the lake, Coyote became very angry at the behavior of Wishpoosh and decided to face him.

Until this point the story has proven that it is more of a myth due to the existence of supernatural beings that never existed due to their size and description. In addition, it is in no way related to any historical occurrences. It is merely a story that seeks to give a reason as to why things are what they are. It also asserts my point of view as to why the story is pure mythical.

In the end after winning the battle, the beaver is cut into pieces and threw them inland that led to the creation of tribes of men. The head created the Nez Perce which made them famous in the council. The arms formed the Cayuses who were powerful and skilled with a bow and club. The Yakimas came from the ribs while the belly made the Chinooks. The Klickitats came from the legs, which made them great runners. The leftovers made the Snake River Indians who had a taste for blood and war.

This story is important for the community to try to explain why they acquired certain habits and the strengths of each tribe, especially to children. They shape the tribes into this stereotypical role that they have to stick to because according to the story they were “made” that way from the beginning.

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