Good Example Of Report On Health Information Management

The first job I found was for a Director Health Information Management. I found the position on a Google search that lead me to the Jobs2Careers website ( This website had several positions available in this field. The position is located at the Terrebone General Medical Center in Houma, LA which is an acute care hospital. It is a public, not for profit hospital.

The required credentials for the position are Registered Health Information Administrator or Registered Health Information Technician with a Bachelor’s Degree but a Masters would be preferred. The American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) is an organization that offers credentials and continuing education. This employer however did not specify certification through AHIMA.

The skills that were specifically cited for this positions are: proficiency in computers and hospital information systems; effective verbal and written communication skills; demonstrated experience in HIM activities and demonstrated leadership ability. This position is responsible to the Vice President of Financial Services for the operational, fiscal, and managerial direction in accordance with the standards of JCAHO and reimbursement agencies. The Director has the responsibilities for managing and directing the tasks provided by all levels of staff members assigned. The Director will also assist TGMC in forecasting future technical and information needs as well as ensuring compliance with HIPAA and other regulatory agencies.

The second position I found was through the job search website Indeed (,-GA-jobs.html). The position was for an Executive Director Health Information Management. The location is at Grady Health Care in Atlanta, GA, it is an acute care facility.

The qualifications for this position are Bachelor’s Degree plus certification as a RHIA, or RHIT; Master’s Degree preferred; a minimum of five years supervisory or leadership experience in HIM in an acute care setting; extensive knowledge of all health information and clinical documentation functions and processes; extensive knowledge of federal and state rules and regulations as they relate to health information; experience in using CQI concepts, tools and techniques; excellent interpersonal and time management skills; strong computer, analytical, problem solving, decision-making and organizational skills; knowledge of DRG and APC reimbursement methodology and third party billing requirements; knowledge of JCAHO regulations, Georgia and Federal laws relating to health information; detailed knowledge of ICD-10 implications and impacts; ICD-10 certification preferred. Again, The American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) is an organization that offers credentials and continuing education including the ICD-10 certification.
I was interested in both positions primarily for the geographic locations. However, I preferred the position with Grady in Atlanta over the position in Louisiana. I believe this position will be well suited to me. It involves the ability to be a clear communicator, attention to detail and the ability to multitask. Grady appears to be a fine institution and Atlanta is a rich location both for the medical community and personal lifestyle. I believe that is a greater opportunity in Atlanta for continuing education, training and certifications. There is also more room for professional growth and advancement.

I spent quite a bit of time perusing the AHIMA website. The offer several different certifications from Registered Health Information Administrator to Certified Documentation Improvement Practitioner. The certifications they offer are in demand in the healthcare industry. Many of the jobs I looked into either required or preferred AHIMA certification. The certification process that is offered better prepares professionals in the field, it helps professionals already in the field to remain current with the latest developments in the health information such as the ICD-10.

Certification offers the employer with assurances. The employer recognizes that they are hiring a candidate who has gone above and beyond college preparation. Candidates are better prepared for a specific job because of the specialized training and certification they receive through AHIMA. The continuing education aspect of certification through AHIMA is also a benefit to the employer. This demonstrates that an employee is current on Health Management practices.

Courses are available online for professionals in all geographic locations. This allows for ease of access to certification. All tests comply with professional testing standards. There are a variety of certifications available that will help a health management professional become proficient in more than one field and allow for movement in filed, either laterally or vertically.

While performing the job search, I wondered if any of the institutions that were hiring and preferred certification through AHIMA provided funding to their employees as a benefit in employment. Along with good health insurance and retirement plan, this piece of information would help me to decide the best job for me.

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