Good Example Of Terrorism Course Work

According to Leon (2012), Bush Administration found that the September 11 attack threaten the freedom of the citizens in America. This administration sought to wage war on terrorism by bringing the perpetrators to justice. America cooperated with the allies in the launch of war on terror by leading invasion in Afghanistan and Iraq. Leon (2012) finds that America is yet to conqueror the Muslim radicals. The 21st century marks an era of global terrorism where militia group of terrorist use weapons of mass destruction to inflict causalities and destruct enemy targets (Leon, 2012). The activity of America invading Afghanistan and Iraq has led to the increase in terrorists.

A high level of threat and risk of attacks by militia groups and Muslim radicals thwart the worldwide antiterrorism efforts by United States. Obama administration does not apply the policy of war on terror rather it set to close the Guantanamo prison and application of authorized methods to interrogate prisoners. Leon (2012) asserts that most of the military officers living in Iraq, Pakistan, and Afghanistan are back in the country to allow for a peaceful transition of power.

Leon (2012) cites that the functionalist perspective on war and terrorism is that it helps to maintain a social order since it reinforces regional boundaries. War leads to the creation of social stability to enable people distinguish their individual roles. This helps to prepare people how to respond in case of such an attack. The social boundaries of terrorists are less certain since their identity is not revealed while no one knows their goals. The radical Muslim groups result to terrorism to declare their message of anger.

This leads to a process of recruitment from their sympathizers. The sociological perspective finds that war establishes power and domination as the winning side makes new rules of social interaction. United States works to address the issue of domestic terrorism that poses a threat to the freedom of the citizens. The country has used many financial resources to sustain the war and to care for the veterans; this has strained the budget and other government resources.


Leon-Guerrero, A. (2012). War and Terrorism. Essentials of Social Statistics for a Diverse Society (pp. 429-432). Pacific Lutheran University: Sage Publications, Inc..

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