Good The Lottery Course Work Example

1. The “Lottery,” a revered story by Shirley Jackson, works on the ironic front to bring forth the fact that a lottery, which may be considered as a fortune, in the metaphorical meaning, is always being picked in the form of a scapegoat.

2. The ritual of the renowned book, Lottery in Shirley Jackson’s story appear to be as old as the town itself, particularly since a large portion of the occupants never review any of the revered old rituals. This implies that they are antiquated in a few ways and established in conventions of superstitions that appear to include products and human offering.

3. Set in a small village, Shirley Jackson’s “The Lottery”, clearly shows how lottery can be a disgrace to the society, basing on the gambling misfortunes that come after the practice. This forms the gist of the story, where many characters end up losing their fortunes, hence a significant element in the story.

4.Jackson employs symbolism in the depiction of his characters, especially in the latter’s names. Mr. Summers completes his paramount employment of deciding the destined lottery victor in the middle of the year; there is Mr. Graves, his colleague in death. There are Biblical references in the guiltless Dickie Delacroix, which clearly represents one at the cross during the crucification of Jesus. There is also the embracement of the Adams and also Eva, as eminent in the Bible, Adam and Eve. Tessie Hutchinson is dependent upon the Massachusetts religious dissenter, Anne Hutchinson (1591-1643).

5. Shirley Jackson’s, “The lottery” reveals a great deal about society and human nature.
The lottery, being set in a village that has people who look onto each other, provides a clear example of the relationships that are pertinent to the success of any society and also human nature.

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