Health Reflection Course Work

In college one is exposed to several activities that have both positive and negative effects to their health. The most common activities involve academic, sporting and participating in social events they all have both positive and negative impacts on a person’s health. The lifestyle a person chooses to live is reflected in their health status both physically and mentally.

While in college I have experienced both the good and the bad effects of the activities I take part in. Some of the benefits of participating in academic activities include better understanding of the various phenomena’s of the universe. You gain information concerning the ways to improve your health this ranges from your nutrition to the hygiene practices. Once put into practice this information has allowed me to minimize the risk of getting diseases or infections and learn the best practices on how to live healthy. I also have learned first aid methods which is important not only to me as an individual but to the society are in.

However, as much as academic activities provide this much information they also have some negative impacts on a person’s health. In my college life I have encountered several students whose health deteriorates over time as they continue with their studies. Research shows that most students in college suffer from anxiety or fear of not achieving their goals. The transition from high school to college if drastic leaves most students in distress and the lack to attain good grades makes them suffer from mental disorders. Also too much of academic work puts a strain on students with learning disabilities. This has seen the cases of students having mental disorders rise over the years.

I also participated in some sporting activities which proved to be very beneficial not only to my physical health but also to my mental health. In sports a person gets to do different workouts which enhances the body fitness and to others enables them to get the desired body shape. Also participating in sports is recommended as a good stress reliever which is essential for a one’s mental health and wellbeing. Taking part in sports activities is a good platform for a person to learn team work and is a good basis to acquire leadership skills which can be mentally fulfilling.
Nonetheless sports have also had some negative impact on people’s health. If a person does not put on the right gear while exercising fatal accidents may occur living them disabled or mentally unconscious. Also during sporting activities a person has to be cautious not to strain their limbs without a physician’s approval as this could result into health complications.

As a college student having an all rounded life meant I have to attend social events. This involves attending corporate events and also parties with my fellow students. These activities are important as you learn how to interact with people, which is a necessity for the society we live in. socializing enables you to avoid solitude which has been a major cause for many people suffering from depression and end up mentally destabilized or suffer from amnesia.

In college you attend parties where students party a lot and the groups in which they party they are introduced to new activities. Most college students have become victims of peer pressure. The people they socialize with introduce them to use of harmful substances such as alcohol and marijuana. These substances once induced for a long period of time or in some cases in the short run have serious negative effects on people’s health. The possibility of losing eyesight or other organs of the body such as the kidneys or throat infections is high. Another damaging effect of these events involves addiction to use of substances which if not addressed affect the mental capacity of a person.
The experience I have from all the activities has been a guide to the lifestyle I choose so as not to practice wrong health behaviors.

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