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One of the most effective ways to achieve a successful and rewarded career is through pursuing higher education. The advanced educational endeavor is challenging and tedious. Usually, there is a person who provided the impetus and the inspiration to decide in enrolling in graduate school. In my situation, the inspiration that led me to pursue graduate school through the MBA program is Hani Khoja. Khoja is a businessman who has a significantly made an instrumental imprint in Saudi Arabia’s business.

In 2012, I attended the Jeddah Economic Forum event to represent my company, Perfect Way Company, as a Public Relations representative. In the event, almost all businessmen in Jeddah acknowledged the relevance to attend. Khoja was one of major speakers. Khoja talked about his vision and how he envisioned transforming Saudi Arabia into a powerful global leader in the business realm. Graduating from an MBA program helped achieve this professional goal. During his speech, Khoja enthusiastically communicated the manner by which education provided the theoretical framework and skills set that helped apply best practices in the business field. Furthermore, the MBA program provided guidelines for developing strategies for entrepreneurship.

His speech inspired me in an influential way because I have always dreamed of becoming a successful businesswoman. Concurrently, I was immensely inspired by Khoja’s speech and how pursuing the MBA program contributed to her success. She is now the co-founder and managing partner of Elixir Business Consultancy . Likewise, Khoja is also a member of the Board of Directors at Minaret Business Organization MBO . Khoja has reached the apex of his current education level. He said that the MBA degree opened more options and opportunities for him. Through pursuing higher education, business practitioners are provided with advanced knowledge and specialized competencies that develop excellent acumen and immense advantage to excel in this competitive endeavor. After the event, I decided to make my path to the MBA program regardless of the difficulties that I could potentially encounter. I will work and study hard to gain my degree. I will make my dream come true.

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