Life Of Blacks In South And The Adoption Of Slavery Course Work

The distinction between black and white did not always exist. There is a long history behind this racial discrimination responsible for the social and human injustice and inequality. A very precise example of such discrimination could be seen in the lives of the blacks who were living in southern America during the 1930’s.

The concept of Free Blacks was limited to an idea only. The implications of being a black were much different from living a life of freedom and independence. In the 1930’s, black people were not provided with any rights that a white person did. The difference in color was made a reason for a number of inhuman punishments and treatments for them as they were considered as slaves. This era in American history was particularly called the “American Hell”.

This torturous treatment was extended to their families as well. There have been innumerable instances of black families being harassed by white people, especially authorities, by breaking into their houses. Black women were raped and victimized and their men were put into prison for petty reasons. The judicial system did not offer any consolation and acted in the favor of the whites only. The ‘n’ word became a routine as the white often used it for the blacks. Altogether, the American history witnessed a cruel period of time when the blacks were treated as animals instead of humans.


Neal, A. W. (2009). Unburdened by Conscience: A Black People’s Collective Account of America’s Ante-Bellum South and the Aftermath. Plymouth: University Press of America, Inc.

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