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Media writing and management, deals with the means, methods, channels, and mediums of communication. Today, organizations I believe are provided with large number of options, and they need to select the best ones out of it, in order to convey their messages to their targeted people, and that too within the given time (Duchessi & Biswas, 2013). There are certain principles and essentials, upon which these channels and means of media writing and communication function, which the organization needs to, learn and understand (Nylund, 2013).

Mass communication in my view, actually refers to communicating information to several large segments of people all at the same time. It is carried out through the medium of radio, television, newspapers, book publishing, and several other media sources (Vivian, 2007). All these mediums in today’s world are utilized for disseminating information. I have noted that, it differentiates itself from other types of communication, since there is only one source of transmitting the information. It deals majorly with how the content of given communication will have an impact on the people. It involves studying of the behaviors, opinions, attitudes, approaches, and emotions of the people, who receive this particular information.

In my view, it is important to provide value by communicating important messages through media writing, irrespective of the medium such as television, radio, Internet, or any other sources. Today, some of the organizations are even going for the approach of live demonstrations, so that they can actually demonstrate products’ features in front of the targeted audience. This will not only help them in carrying out the necessary promotions for their product, but will also help them to gain loyalty from the customers.

Today, with the implementation of modern technology, media writing and communications have become much easier. During the earlier days, the mass communication use to happen face-to-face, but now they happen through emails, text messages, or even live chat. I have found several professionals, who are now easily synchronizing their meetings with the help of these technologies, and they are finding it quite comfortable even for their body language demonstration as well as real-time reactions. I think the final result is that the productivity has increased a lot, since lot of time is saved in all these physical meetings. These professionals are now directly conferencing through telephones and technological devices, which helps them a lot to save their time, focus upon the major points of the discussion, and resolve all the pending issues, within no time.

The organization today, now just needs to avoid all the issues that will hamper the entire communication process of the organization (Vivian, 2007). The employees need to be trained regarding different languages, different means and modes of communication, and also regarding how to communicate effectively within the shortest time available. This will help in installing the best practices of mass communication within the organization.


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