NURS 6550 Acute Care Midterm Study Guide

NURS 6550 Acute Care Midterm Study Guide

NURS 6550 Acute Care Midterm Study Guide

Generalized anxiety disorder diagnosis criteria
Treatment of acute panic attacks

What are the medications for initial/first line therapy

Inpatient treatment of depression. NURS 6550 Acute Care Midterm Study Guide.

What are the therapies for patient’s that won’t eat, take meds, etc.

When is serotonin norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor indicated, when is it contraindicated?
Venlafaxine dosing, when is follow up? What are you monitoring?
Endogenous depression pathophysiology is best described as?
Differences between panic attacks and panic disorder?
What are Major Depressive disorder symptoms?

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Identify the primary neurotransmitter in PTSD
PTSD diagnosis and treatment, meds (families/common meds)?
Familiarize yourself with the side effects of Lithium
Common adverse effects of atypical antipsychotics
Mental status changes in elderly… how do you evaluate?
Assessment of Delirium in geriatric patients
Short Confusion Assessment Method (Short CAM): what things are assessed?
Types of dementia, know differences?
Aricept and dosing and patient teaching?
Vascular dementia, what is it?
Management of disinhibition in elderly
Physical findings when death is imminent
Limits of pain medication on dying patient
Theories about successful aging…familiarize yourself with them
Psychological abuse of elders. NURS 6550 Acute Care Midterm Study Guide.
Death and the anxiety related to it, who’s at risk?
Age and suicide risk in the different age groups?
Assessing driver safety in elderly
Geriatric Depression Screen


What is acute angle glaucoma?
Familiarize yourself with Cataracts, presentation? TRX?
Chronic uveitis medication management
Gonococcal conjunctivitis presentation and medication management
Viral, allergic, bacterial conjunctivitis: know presentations and trx
Macular degeneration presentation and S&S, trx
Open angle glaucoma. NURS 6550 Acute Care Midterm Study Guide.
Metal FB in eye, how do you evaluate and how do you remove?
Penetrating eye injury treatment
Corneal abrasions: eval, presentation, medications, teaching, follow up/referral?
Orbital cellulitis: presentation, S&S
Orbital fractures: patho and causes, teaching for post-op/or discharge?
Different types of hearing loss and why they occur
Acute otitis media: causes, trx, presentation
Vertigo, how do you evaluate and trx?
Epistaxis: causes, trx, what to look for in complications? Infection?
Bacterial sinusitis: treatment, presentation, when you suspect it, what is GOLD standard of dx testing…
Tonsillitis presentation. NURS 6550 Acute Care Midterm Study Guide.
Epiglottitis presentation
Familiarize yourself with diagnostic studies for evaluation eye conditions in acute situations
Beta adrenergic antagonists: side effects
Cholinergic mimetics: side effects
Prostaglandin analogs: side effects
Osmotic diuretics: side effects
Bells palsy: S&S, treatment, pain management
Know causes (agents) of tonsil/throat pain
Know epiglottis presentation, causes and treatment
Know cranial nerves and their function
NURS 6550 Acute Care Midterm Study Guide

Cardiovascular disorders

ACS protocol: low risk vs high risk mi
Contraindications to thrombolytic therapy in stroke and MIs
MONA, what is it an when is it used?
Duke criteria for infective endocarditis, presentation and treatment
Heart murmurs: physical exams, grades of murmurs
Pericarditis s/sx, dx criteria and treatment
Be familiar with different heart sounds
Treatment and findings for acute anterior wall MI
Monitoring wedge pressures. NURS 6550 Acute Care Midterm Study Guide.
Presentation and Medications for CHF
Aortic stenosis classic presentation
Aortic regurgitation classic presentation
Diastolic failure, medication management
Thoracic aneurysm: how do you diagnosis, what is “critical “ presentation, risk factors?
Medications for acute descending aortic aneurysm
Treatment plans for PAD, presentation of PAD
Risk factors for DVT, how do you evaluate and r/o
PE risk factors, who’s at risk?
Hypertensive urgency vs. crisis
Secondary HTN causes. NURS 6550 Acute Care Midterm Study Guide.
Chronic venous insufficiency treatment
Cardiac rehab
Stroke treatment guidelines, when can you start tPA? When is it contraindicated?
Coumadin guidelines, how do you monitor, what is the goal? When do you start it?
How to read EKGs, common leads for a MI and consider pericarditis findings…
JNC 8 recommendations, know the recommended trx plans for various stages, when do you intervene


Intermittently controlled asthma – management, recognize who to d/c, admit, etc.
Mild asthma – management
Rescue therapy in Asthma
COPD – FEV1/FVC ratios, GOLD guidelines, outpt management, be able to STEP the therapy
PE – how to diagnose, risk factors, GOLD standard for testing
Causes of obstructive shock
ARDS maladaptive physiologic response, diagnostic criteria, THINK PATHO
Septic shock – vent settings. NURS 6550 Acute Care Midterm Study Guide.
ARDS: what is happening with perfusion and ventilation?
Pulmonary rehab and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
Spirometric assessment; what do you do?
Pulmonary fibrosis and what risks are associated with this diagnosis
Pleural effusion: what does each fluid that can be found mean?
Respiratory risk factors for surgery
Pathophysiology of ARDS
GOLD stages of COPD, know what stage is what
Pulmonary function tests, be able to interpret
X-ray presentations and readings for pneumonia, CHF, COPD
CURB-65 criteria, what does each part mean, what does it stand for…
Pneumonias, types, treatments, causes, organisms
IGRA tests for TB
Labs to check before starting INH
NURS 6550 Acute Care Midterm Study Guide

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