Political Science Course Work Samples

Power, ethics and international political change

– Concept
There is the relationship between power and politics. The structures of power adopted by various nations across the world dictate international relations and overall political environment. This raises the question; what concepts that dictate world political structures and international relations? Such concepts include power and national interests.

– Argumentative
William contributes to the discussion on power and international relations. This is in the line of upholding viable ethical responsibilities, in the line of balancing power and politics. This raises the question; what are William’s arguments on political structures (liberalism and communitarian), as part of internal relations? What are Williams’s arguments on Webber’s ethics of responsibility in relation to international relations?

– Clarification
Williams states that political leaders and politicians should adopt the ethics of responsibility. What does William mean by ethics of responsibilities in relation to political leadership and international relations?

– Theory
How does the concepts of international relations relate to the theories of realism and regime? What are the viable practices of political leaders proposed by William, which relates to the theory of realism? In the ethics of responsibilities, William argues that stability of the political environment lies in proper leadership. Relate best political and international relation leaderships through the use of neo-realism concept, as described by William.

– Current politics
How is the issue of ethics and responsibilities, in the line of current international relations? What is the relationship between the current international relation struggle between United States and Russia, in relation to the neo-realism concept? International relations can be described through the use of realism, Marxism and Liberalism concepts. Which concept suits the current international relations between China and United States?

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