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(BMW ) Bayerische Motoren Werke is a German automobile engine, and motorcycle manufacturing company founded in is a global producer of high-class vehicles. BMW has become extremely successful following its exclusive innovation in production of automobiles, as well as promotion of the brand. One of the main competitors is Audi Company, which is also a manufacturer of equally competitive luxury vehicles. Audi was founded in 1932, where it traded as FWB and it was founded in Germany.

Audi is a result of merging of four companies that operated in Germany as car manufacturers. This is represented by the four circles label with each of the circles representing one of the companies in the circles. The fame and sales of these companies is highly dependent on various marketing elements. Promotional strategy is the immediate action after manufacturing that would bring value of the manufactured goods to a company. However, the companies must have invested in other marketing strategies that make it easy for them to survive the competitive market of automobiles.

BMW and Audi use different promotional strategies that make each of them satisfied with the market that they control. Uniqueness in promotion is usually a platform for definition of success for any manufacturer.

Promotion strategy of BMW

BMW has come up with exclusive global advertising campaign. This uniqueness about the promotions of the company is that they remain consistent in all the international campaigns of the company. It is extremely to find the same kind of advertisements about BMW cars in more than 15 countries at the same time.

The first strategy that BMW employs is use of TV spots. These are instances where an advertisement comes in between a given TV program, which is common or attractive to viewers. This is an extremely timely strategy as it captures the attention of the viewers who may have been glued on the TV as they watched a given program.

The second strategy is the use of print advertisements. This refers to publishing of BMW features, images and brief analysis of the benefits of a BMW car in newspapers, or magazines. The company focuses on the most famous newspapers, which are read by most people so that it may reach many people around the globe. Celebrity magazines are mainly used for promotions of such products as vehicles as they indicate the class of individuals who may purchase the vehicle.

The third strategy that BMW uses in making its products known to the world are mega-posters. This refers to the use of posters that are well designed consisting of the logo of the company and the name, with an attractive model of the BMW car. The poster is made extensively attractive by the presence of super-models who attract the eyes of many people to the poster.

Also, BMW Company uses radio spots to capture the attention of potential customers through promotion of the benefits that a BMW car is likely to offer in comparison to what competitors are likely to offer. These forms of advertisements occur when there are a lot of people on air especially during the day. This is to ensure a large number of customers are reached and they obtain the required or the intended message.

Lastly, BMW has been extremely keen to take advantage of events. In most cases, these are social events where a lot of people gather for showcases. Some events may consist of car shows where companies showcase their vehicles to customers. BMW has been strategic in ensuring that its cars shine in any similar kind of event. This makes the company common and attractive to customers.
For a long time the company has been in contract with James Bond where BMW cars have been used in Bond’s films as a promotion technique.

Promotion strategy for Audi

As a result of the increasing levels of competition in the automobile industry, Audi has not been left in ensuring that its products remain the best in the market. This has been achieved through execution of various promotional strategies that may be approved as the most outstanding strategies.
The first promotional strategy for Audi is “meet the Beckers” campaign. This is a web series concerning a wealthy family of owners of Audi. The series consists of two episodes which have been released with high profile sarcastic and confidential pokes fun at the competitors of Audi. The campaign makes fun of the stereotypical owners of other brands such as BMW and Lexus. Although, this is chosen as a strategy it is deemed to fail the image of the company.

The next promotional strategy is the Audi’s Art of the Heist Campaign. The first campaign of this nature was used in launching of the A3 in 2005. The campaign began with a planned burglary at Manhattan leadership for Audi. Audi used all the stops to make the burglary seem real by breaking the delarership’s windows, taping the scene off, as well as stationing guards around the fringe. This led to wild postings being put across all major towns, searching for info concerning the robbed automobile.

The last strategy that is evident among Audi cars is the promotion “Audi TT Goes for a swim”. This was collaboration with between Audi and Crossover magazine, which focuses on fashion and automobile for exclusive photograph in Britain. An Audi TT was submerged in a pool; the cover shot was taken and spread in the magazine.

Use of marketing information

There are several ways through which companies may use marketing information to make themselves unique in them unique in a market. The uniqueness is fundamental in defining the competitive strategy of the organization.

One of the uses is from gathering information about the activities of a competitor company. This would help the company to formulate excellent strategies that would be useful in countering competition from the industry. For example, BMW may research on the operations of Mercedes Benz Company and try to incorporate some of the learnt strategies in its operations to counter extensive competition in the market.

The second use of the information is to evaluate the trends and carry out necessary improvements that would suit the needs of the customers. Companies should be ready for expansion according to the tastes of customers. This would help in ensuring that the company becomes attractive to many customers since their needs are well taken care of by the company. The management should never ignore the requirements of the customers. A case where a company listens to its customers will always result to high sales of the company. Audi and BMW should consider this is strategic move to conquer the automobile market.

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