Questions Pertaining to Amos 1 – 2

Questions Pertaining to Amos 1 – 2 Description
In an essay, answer the following questions pertaining to Amos 1 – 2:
1. What are the points of similarity or repetition that you see between the 6 oracles against the nations, along with the 7th oracle against Judah and the 8th oracle against Israel? What are the differences (or points of distinction) between these oracles?
2. What is the function of the oracles of Amos 1 – 2 in the broad scheme of the book? If Israel is the primary addressee, then how do the oracles relate together to form a rhetoric of entrapment or indictment against Israel?
Each essay must be at least 1000 words and follow current Turabian format. At least three (3) academic sources (beyond course textbooks) must be cited. Preferred source material includes academic commentaries, journal articles, and academic monographs. Avoid popular sources, including non-peer reviewed websites and blogs.

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