Sample Annotated Bibliography On Hunger In Rwanda
Rwanda is a low income and least developed country ranking 166 out of 187 countries. This research is based on the study by the UNDP human development index. According to the comprehensive food security and vulnerability analysis, there is an outstanding malnutrition level in Rwanda. For instance, chronic malnutrition among the children under age of 5 years is as high as 43%. However, there is an improvement from the previous rate which rated around 512%.
Rwanda is one among the countries that have registered substantial improvements in the current fight against malnutrition and hunger. This is a conclusion that was made after the release of the 2013 Global Hunger Index report. Rwanda was among the countries that celebrated the International Food Security day. This event was carried out in Ngororero District, western province. The minister for Agriculture stated that Rwanda had enough food to feed the population that was within their boundaries. She also stated the only challenge that she could see was that the crop production rate had reduced by 2%.

Rwanda has also been a country of increasing hunger
Rwanda is one of the countries that rely on international funding for food. This statement contradicts the statements that have been made severally by the president of Rwanda. A report was released on 26th July, 2006 proving the fact that the country relies on external funding for food. For instance, the United Nations dedicated $400 for the Rwanda feeding program for a period of five years. The intention was to reduce hunger and poverty in the country.
A humanitarian organization that is called Hope in Action is one among the many concerned organizations that involved in aiding programs, that are carried out in Rwanda. Hope in Action issued hunger help that aimed at helping an approximate of 5000 children who had been internally displaced and another 3000 adults who were badly poverty-stricken. In this exercise, a large amount of pasta, vitamins as well as cereals was issued. This activity was done in Kigali, Shyorongi area, and Nyarugenge districts. This assistance played a vital role in the war against hunger in Rwanda.
The 1994 genocide is one of the devastating events that ever happened to Rwandese citizens. The result of this genocide was collapse of food security. Poor food security efforts are attributed to the level of poverty that occurred after the genocide. The World food program initiated a school feeding program. This program was initiated to assist close to 300000 primary school pupils who occupied the 300 schools in the zones that suffered from food insecurity.
The world has had differentiated efforts to reduce hunger internationally. The two organizations that are among the best players of this program are the United Nations and the Agriculture Organization. Rwanda is registered as one of the countries that are on the track of attaining MDG 1. The first round involved reducing hunger among the extremely hunger stricken people from 26% to 16%. However, more efforts are being made to make it easier for the war against hunger to be solved.
Most of the areas that are identified as hunger stricken are very underdeveloped. That is, the area where the level of poverty is very high is the one that is highly hunger stricken. As a result, efforts to improve agriculture in provinces like Kigali have been made to ensure that the rate of food productivity in those regions maintains a high profile. This was one of the millennium goals in Rwanda.
After allegations were made that Rwanda and its government supported the Congolese rebel group that fought the Kinshasa government, countries from the west withdrew their assistance to the country. Ideally, this act of withdrawal of humanitarian aid indicated a sign of injustice. This is because the sudden withdrawal of food aid led to the extreme starvation by people without their consent and expectations.


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