Sample Course Work On US Industry

The trucking industry is an extremely essential industry in the economy of the United States. It has been extensively used for transporting large quantities of raw materials as well as finished goods over land. The industry has been influential to other industries in the country, making it highly reliable in the economy. The trucking industry is extremely influential in manufacturing, transportation, as well as warehousing industries. The industry has been renowned of its massive achievements towards development of the economy of the United States. However, it has become extremely challenging to achieve full benefits for the industry. This is based on the various challenges that have been witnessed and if changed the industry will not be in the same state.

One of the elements that need to be controlled to enhance performance of the industry is the federal regulations. Law is one of the main elements that have extensive influence to the performance of various businesses. In the trucking industry, different rules have been made applicable in defining how operations are taking place in the industry. For example, hours of service have been changed from time to time. In most cases, time is the main constraint for operators in this industry. One of the main improvements that the federal government may impose to the industry is to remove time control that has been installed for the industry. Operators need to be given adequate time without limits on what period they should operate. The drivers and the management teams of the companies in the industry should be taught the need for proper time management (Mowery, 2010). Time is an extremely fundamental economic resource that requires excellent management to ensure the suitability of an industry.

In most cases, the trucking industry has been taken extremely casual. This means there is no professionalism evident in the industry. The government has not been in a position to follow up on the academic qualifications of the drivers of the trucks. To some people, educational background for drivers may not be fundamental. However, this should not be the case. The government should set minimum qualifications for drivers as well as the management. This is vital in ensuring high performance. Well educated individuals are in a position to make reasonable decisions when occurrences arise. On the road, various issues may arise in form of accidents or theft of products being transported. At such a point, professionalism in handling disputes would be extremely vital (Trucking Industry Gears Up for 2014, 2013). It would be extremely easy for an educated individual to handle a problem when it arises than an uneducated individual.

Also, the government needs to check on the element of maximum weight that trucks are supposed to carry. Although, the trucks may be the major causes of roads destructions, extensive burden should not be imposed on them. At some point, some trucks may not be efficient if they operate under minimum weight. This is because they may have the ability to carry more weight but they are being controlled by the government (Smith, 2006).The maximum weight that any truck should carry should be controlled by the efficiency or the strength of the truck.

This industry remains vital to the United States as well as the globe since it is one of the best trucking industries in the world. Therefore, its operations would influence the global economic performance. If the above mentioned elements were implemented in the industry, extensive improvement would be witnessed. This would sustain the industry as one of the best industries in the economy of the United States.


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