Schizophrenia Spectrum Disorders Course Work Example

There are different reasons why one would want to feign psychosis. For instance, when one wants to avoid duty or work, they may feign this illness in order to avoid execution of their duties or work. For instance, a parent who does not want to take care of his or her children and fear the rule of the law may want to feign psychosis in order to shun his or her duties . One may also malinger and present symptoms of psychosis when under the judgment of the law. In order to avoid responding to questions from the judges, one may feign psychosis. Still when one wants to prove to the judges that a crime or an offense committed by the person was due to poor mental state, they may feign psychosis in order to escape severe sentences.

It would be a bit difficult to feign psychosis since it can be medially diagnosed inclined persons should be taken for medical confirmation to determine whether the symptoms depicted are real or feigned. Therefore, it may prove difficult for persons trying to feign psychosis. If someone attempted to fake symptoms of schizophrenia, it may happen that they will not demonstrate consistency in this regard as medically agreeable . As such, this may raise questions to the validity of the condition upon the person.

Faking the symptoms may be difficult since they are not induced by any stimuli but they come automatically upon a genuine affected person. Costa Nostra boss Vincent “the Chin” deceived the minds of forensic psychiatry for a number of year when he had malingered schizophrenia. He admitted to maintain this from 1990 to 1997 at the time of his evaluation of competency to stand trial for racketeering. Close observation by an experienced psychiatrist can determine whether the symptoms are faked or genuine .

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