Summarize the current status of your selected topic. (Russian Involvement in Venezuela).

1. Summarize the current status of your selected topic. (Russian Involvement in Venezuela)
2. Explain your level of leadership (refer to Chapter 2 of the Enlisted Force Structure).
(Here is my level of leadership)
2.1. Air Force Leadership Levels. The Air Force operates in a dynamic global context across
multiple domains requiring leadership skills at three distinct levels: tactical expertise, operational
competence, and strategic vision. These levels emphasize a different mix of qualities and
experience. The leadership level at which an Airman operates determines the institutional
competencies required to lead Airmen in mission accomplishment. As Airmen progress from the
tactical expertise to strategic vision leadership levels, emphasis on the use of institutional
competencies shifts from personal to organizational, with a generally consistent focus on
people/team competencies. The nature and scope of leadership challenges as well as preferred
leadership methods differ based on the level of leadership and duties. These levels apply across
the entire spectrum of the enlisted force structure.
2.1.1. Tactical Expertise. This level is predominantly direct and face-to-face and focused on
personal competencies. At the tactical expertise level, Airmen gain a general understanding of
team leadership and an appreciation for organization leadership. They master their core duty
skills, develop experiences in applying those skills, and begin to acquire the knowledge and
experience that will produce the qualities essential to effective leadership. Airmen at the
tactical expertise level gain the training, education and experience to become the Air Force’s
primary technicians and specialists. They learn about themselves as leaders and how their
leadership acumen can affect others through the use of ethical leadership. They assimilate into
the Air Force culture and adopt the Air Force core values. Airmen at this level focus on honing
followership abilities, motivating subordinates and influencing peers to accomplish the
mission while developing a warrior ethos. They learn about themselves and their impact on
others in roles as both follower and leader in addition to developing their communication skills.
The primary focus at the tactical expertise level is accomplishing the mission as effectively
and efficiently as possible using available personnel and resources.
3. Describe the impact, link, and/or association of your selected topic with your level of leadership.
4. Describe the impact, link, and/or association of your selected topic with higher levels such as MAJCOMs and COCOMs.
5. Explain why your selected topic is a threat to National Security. (Russian Involvement in Venezuela)
6. The paper is two to three pages in length.

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