T3 2020-2021: ICT272 Web Design and Development

T3 2020-2021: ICT272 Web Design and Development Assignment 3 – Part A 20% – due Week 11 Submission: Submission requirements details: All files must be uploaded on Moodle as a zipped File. If the file is too large then place it in Google Drive and share the link using a Word document in Moodle submission Assessment purpose: This assessment will allow students to demonstrate that they can develop dynamic website using ASP.NET Data Controls. Students are required to develop, test and maintain a dynamic internet application for business using an integrated suite of software tools. Specific requirements: Assessment topic: Create a Dynamic Business Website Task details: Continuing with the website from Assignment 2, add below controls to the specified pages • Data Controls Change the Products Page such that it uses the SQLData Source Control and any of the DataView controls to load the Product Categories, Product Names, prices and their images from the Database. Whenever the products are updated in the database the website should automatically update. • Validation Controls Add validation controls to the Contact Us Page, so that different controls used only allow entry of certain data 29/01/2021 63000 – T3 2020-2021: ICT272 Web Design and DevelopmentAssignment https://www.nursinggeeks.com/Recent_Question/63000/T3-2020-2021-ICT272-Web-Design-and-DevelopmentAssignment 3/4 types or value ranges. You can use the ASP.NET validation controls and TextMode property. • Responsive Design Use JQuery Mobile for the Main Page and About Us page to make sure that they automatically adjust for different devices.

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