The Health Information Exchange Case Study Analysis assignment

This is a paper that is focusing on the Health Information Exchange Case Study Analysis. The paper also provides additional information to use in the writing of the assignment paper. Below is the assessment description to follow:
The Health Information Exchange Case Study Analysis assignment
Health Information Exchange Case Study Analysis Analyze and write-up a population health professional role and case study from attached case study (MihIN case study) Population Health Professional – the role is traditionally located outside of the clinical setting. However, these professionals are responsible for identifying epidemics, trends of risk factors for various diseases and also assess the quality of the health information being collected within a clinical setting and assess the overall health status of the health care quality provided within a health care organization.
Required Assignment Format: Background/Introduction – Background and introduction to the case study. Analysis – Responses to the assignment questions using section header’s and supportive references. Conclusion – Concluding discussion and also comments using references as needed. Each case write-up should be 1000 words (+/- 50 words not including references ).  Answer the four questions about the case in the order in which they are below.  This will give you an organized outline for your write-up.  Be sure that your response substantively addresses the following four questions:
Firstly, identify and explain the architectural type of HIE addressed in the case study. (This is your position statement.) Secondly, analyze the key factors your assigned role requires for successful data sharing in the case study. Thirdly, explain the benefits of the HIE presented in the case study and how it may serve as an example across the health care continuum. Fourthly, propose and defend three recommendations to address the challenges and roadblocks for your assigned role associated with data sharing, interoperability and coordination of care. PLEASE refer to the attached rubric to know what is expected from the case study ( attached below), and the attached books to help you as references,
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