Topic: Case Study – The Carlson Company

What in your view does Carlson contribute, or not contribute, to the industry that assists in keeping hospitality-related companies an employment leader in the U.S.?

When studying Carlson’s Ambition 2015 initiative, name two specific areaswhere you would focus attention for property development.
How can new technologies assist Carlson Wagonlit Travel with securing the business of potential customers who are more used to traditional methods of making business travel arrangements? What would you consider to be the technology that will be most used in the coming years and how should Carlson ensure that they are prepared for more widespread adoption of this technology?
Why do you think hospitality rewards programs are so important? What are some of the challenges that a hospitality company faces when creating and marketing a rewards program to the consumer? How would you advise Carlson to market their program in order to reach their near term goals?
You are a hotel franchisee looking to open a property in a major city. Based on factors identified within the case study (brand standards, possible future renovation requirements, marketing concerns, etc.), would you have any reservations about choosing Carlson as your franchise company? What would your expectations be from the parent company to help your business grow?Name some specific things Carlson could do that would help entice travelers to choose your property over your leading competitors.
When looking at the hotel industry and the current economic landscape, in which area would you suggest Carlson tailor its focus so that it can improve its overall revenue stream? Improved guest satisfaction? Better marketing initiatives for its franchisees? Price parity within the hotel market? Would a combination of such initiatives work best? What should Carlson expect whenimplementing such strategies and which, if any, would you caution against?

Type of assignment: Case study
Subject: Business
Pages: 2/550

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