“Tourette syndrome.”Describe the disorder.

Topic Chosen Tourette syndrome.
Two-Part Assignment:
Part 1 (12 points):
Select a topic of choice from the list above
i. Assignment submitted in APA format 10-12 pages in length (4 points)
Describe the disorder (4 points)
Etiology, Signs and Symptoms
Risk Factors
Indicate the Educational Implications (4 points)
Part 2 (20 points):
Develop a case study – in other words make up a story about a child who has the disorder. Your child should be of school age 3-21. (4 points)
In the case study describe how the disorder impacts the child, his/her family, home and school. (4 points)
Discuss (4 points)
Health implications
Educational implications
Psycho social needs/implications
Discuss what services this child may need in the educational setting (4 points)
Discuss agencies or organizations that may assist the child, family and school (4 points)

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