Verbal and Non Verbal Communication Essays Example

– Communication is the process related to exchange information with someone else, using sounds, writing, speech, non-verbal gesture or behavior to express your ideas, feelings, thoughts, attitudes and expectation. Communication requires a sender, who could receive and understand the message and only after this the communication process could be complete.

– When you say communication is a system you are referring on the ways in which you can transmit better a message for a good understanding from the other person you communicate. As an example, you can use written, verbal, nonverbal, visual or electronic communication or you can mix it to transmit the information to the listener and then he need to process the message further and give you and answer.

– One of the first common listening flaws is attention to the one who spokes. If the speaker makes long speech you can get bored so to avoid it, is better to provide an interactive communication. The second is distraction, if the person who speaks doesn’t approach subject that are interesting for the listener, he could lose his interest for the speaker. To avoid this is better to know a bit about your listener and to make sure that it is interested on what you are saying. The third one is the communication on different wavelengths. Is like two persons that speeches different subject in the same conversation, a solution is to reach the middle point of the conversation.

– The tree myths are: non-verbal communication accounts for 93% of total communication, is talking about how much energy someone put in his conversation and how this energy manifest on the non-verbal communication but if this myth would be true, until now we will talked in a non-verbal language; more communication is better, it is a delusion if you think that talking more about an issue will make things better; speaking talent is important for effective communication, speaking with a good vocabulary, clarity and structure does not equal effective communication.

– The tree ways on non-verbal communication and verbal communication interact are to complete one another, when you trying to help a tourist to arrive to city center you can speak and in the same time show the way with the hands; to destroy each other, when you want to impress a girl and hold tight but you play the arrogant role in words; continuous and discontinuous, after a fight there are no more words to say but there are still angry faces and cold stares.

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