What can the HRM do to ensure these job standards are relayed to individual contributors in a consistent manner?Discuss

1a. Locate five working individuals and ask them the following questions:
What motivates them in their job to performance in accordance with line with standards in their organization?  Why?
What demotivates them in their job performance? Why?
List each person separately.  For example:
Person A        Motivators                 Why
Demotivators             Why
1 b.   Now analyze the results.  What patterns, if any, have you discovered?
2.a    In this discussion, you will be using the information you discovered about motivators and demotivators. In the role of the professional HRM, it is your job is to equip managers with the information they need to do their job.  Now that you discovered information on motivators and demotivators you need to be sure they (the managers) know what they can do to be sure they have a motivated and engaged workforce.  You will begin to develop a training program for them
List the
Goals (what is the overall goal of the training program) and
Objectives (what specifically will they learn)
of a training program you would suggest to be given to managers and supervisors focusing on engagement and accountability.
An example of an objective would be:
At the conclusion of this program the participant will be able to:
Identify three opportunities they have for understanding motivators of their team members
Describe the impact of demotivated employees on the team and the organization
2.b. How would you measure the results of the manager/supervisor training program?
Cite your source(s)
TD 4
The HRM needs to complete a thorough analysis of the standards expected for each employee.
1a. Describe the process (step by step) the HRM implements in developing these standards.
1b. Why is it important to develop standards?
In your discussion, relate your answer to overall organization effectiveness.
Setting expectations and standards is an essential role for the HRM. After the HRM develops standards, it is up to the manager to describe the standards and expectations to the employees in a consistent fashion across the organization.
1.a.    What can the HRM do to ensure these job standards are relayed to individual contributors in a consistent manner?
1.b.     List 4 expectations the HRM would expect of managers to ensure the standards and expectations are delivered consistently.
Cite your source(s)

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