What is molecular fidelity? Explain briefly.

True or false (briefly explain your answer): The formation of amyloid plaques and neurofibrillary tangles results in the development of Alzheimer’s disease in the majority of individuals over the age of 70.
Briefly Define Heart Failure.
What is Endocrine System? Briefly explain your answer.
True or false: (explain your answer) The bone cells responsible for resorption of hydroxyapatite are the osteoblasts.
What is molecular fidelity? Explain briefly.
What is meant in your textbook by “loss of molecular fidelity”? Why can the cause of molecular fidelity potentially be modulated? Explain briefly.
The author of your textbook gives his prediction about how a longer lifespan may affect the birthrate. Has the predicted trend started in any particular countries/societies? Give your opinion of his theory and use an example to make your point. ( 3-4 sentences)
Why is the possible benefit of calorie restriction in humans uncertain and controversial?
Heredity has only a minor influence on human life span:
Gender differences in life expectancies.
Briefly describe the process of hearing. What structures are affected by sound waves?
Differentiate between innate and acquired immunity. (Explain your answer briefly)
Short-answer question: Write the equation for cardiac output.
Name several drug types used to treat osteoporosis. Describe how one of them works.

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